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Operation: Alice

Our current work in progress that uses the framework of contemporary dance and collaborative music.  Originally created by AMdp (née Cornerspoon) in 2010.  This piece has been through many iterations over the years.

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, this piece focuses on an individual thrown out of a familiar place and tracks them through their adventure.  It is an exploration of the battle we have within ourselves concerning the self through the use of mirrors literally and figuratively. Who are we in this world? There are always two worlds evolving around each person, the external physical world and the one flourishing inside ones mind. It also explores interruption and encapsulation, whether it be physical or psychological, as performers negotiate space and time.

We will explore interactive and live projections to create patterns on stage that disrupt and encapsulate dancers. These patterns symbolize events or situations over which dancers have no control and forces them to transform.

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