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Your Free Hug Zone

Choreography: AMdp(née Cornerspoon)

Dancers: Chia-hui Cheng, Nicole Lynn, Rosario Rivadeneyra, Monica Ortize-Rossi

The Hug Piece was created in the spring of 2008 on the campus of Cal State LA.  As most who live in Los Angeles know, you must drive…everywhere.  Abundance of traffic on every corner at every hour.  We were tired of the inability to actually be with one another and yet being next to each other.  Sitting in our cars, trying to get to our destination sitting behind and next to cars, everyone in their own pods, in their own worlds, listening to music, and ignoring the body and souls 2 feet away but longing for physical touch.  We wanted to give a disruption to the monotony and wake people up from their routine.  Would you have stopped and accepted a free hug?

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