Chia-hui Cheng

Grew up dancing in New York.  She started dancing at the age of 5 in traditional Chinese Folk Dance and started figure skating at the age of 10.  She studied ballet, jazz, and lyrical in the dance program at Cardozo high school.  She graduated with a B.A. for Contemporary Dance with an emphasis in choreography at CSULA. She has worked with artists like Holly Johnston, Maria Gillespie, Rachael Lincoln, Kensaku Shinohara, Mandarin Wu, Francisco Martinez, and Eiko and Koma. She has performed nationally and internationally in Los Angeles, New York, Rotterdam, and Japan to name a few. She has been a guest artist at CSULA, masterclass guest artist at ACDFA, CODARTS and Circle in Rotterdam.  Her works have been shown at ACDFA, Spoke the Hub, FRIENDS/FAMILY/DANCE/FESTIVAL, Gibney, Greenspace, and commissioned at CSULA. 


She co-founded Arsenal Movement dance project (née Cornerspoon) bringing dance to the masses, mainly performing in guerilla style-site specific pieces keeping the everyday people in mind.  They had a passion for justice and choreographed loudly with the minority and oppressed in mind.  Delivering a disruption, longing to plant a seed in hopes that one day that seed will be the red pill that awakens them out of their unintentional routine.  After a long arduous soul searching journey herself, and an equally long hiatus from dance, she hopes to revive AMdp’s former vociferous energy.  Metamorphosing it into a thunderous gentleness, stillness, leading by example by way of the peaceful warrior.  


In addition to dancing, she coaches figure skating to all ages.  She skates and performs for American Ice Theatre of NY as well as providing contemporary dance training to company members.  For fun she also does aerial silk and lyra.

Artist Statement

“I am a human being, not a human doing.” - Unknown

Dance exists beyond the studio, beyond the stage, beyond what we see in front of our eyes.  Dance lives in us, it lives beyond words.  It is something to be experienced and felt.  It survives in the cells of our conscious and subconscious to be passed from generation to generation. It is the breath of the human experience, life.  In life, there is nothing more important than the experience of each other.  And with that expression, collaboration is at the core of our work, to include and honor voices and opinions of everyone involved because we all have something to say and contribute.  In doing so we have this shared experience that we can reach back to, to enrich and elevate each other.  We carve through space to harness our histories, to explore and find the similarities in our differences.  To show one another and our audiences that we are not alone in the vastness of this world.