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Mission Statement

Arsenal Movement dance project started as a dream in the hallways of California State University Los Angeles at the end of 2007 with three eager souls wanting to bring contemporary dance to the masses(née Cornerspoon).  AMdp specializes in quirky explorations of hyper-physical movement, pushing boundaries of human limits and choreographing with the interest of viscerally communicating imaginations from the deepest crevices of the human mind.  We work in a collaborative process to include ideas and creativity from all members of the company. This gives us all a voice and in doing so, cultivates more depth, personality, and ideas to each of our pieces.  We welcome bodies and souls of all kinds, young and old.  We still aim to engage and create accessibility and bring dance to communities beyond the boundaries of the traditional dance sphere by showing off contemporary dance as a way for everyone and anyone to express themselves in their every day.

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