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Choreography: AMdp(née Cornerspoon)
Dancers: Chia-hui Cheng, Rosario Rivadeneyra, Monica Ortiz Rossi
Premiere: September 5th 2008

A site specific piece created on the Phalanstery Module installation by Jimenez Lai at Materials & Applications in Silver Lake, CA.
"This installation is derived from a comic story written and illustrated by Jimenez about a group of citizens riding a Noah's Ark Spaceship to a new planet far away." - More Info Here

Inspired, by Lai's rotating installation, domod explores the antigravity concept of the rotating module.  This piece is set when Bob unknowingly finds his way onto Noah's Ark. He awakes to citizen 001020100 asking if things on Earth are still the same. Have things changed on Earth after all these years? Do we need the job, the house, all the things we think we need in modern society?  In 001020100's zero gravity reality, all you need is this module you are given.  All six sides can be used as a plan.  How does one evolve in limited space, use what you have and only what you need?  Do we waste more than we should in time....material....?

Music: Laurie Anderson, Aphex Twins, Belle and Sebastian, Peter Gabriel, Tool.  With additional voices by Chia-hui Cheng, Rosario Rivadeneyra, and Monica Ortiz Rossi

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