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Hana Bible

Born and raised in San Francisco, Hana grew up dancing at the studio 7 days a week, performing and competing all over California. She moved out to LA to go to Cal State University, Los Angeles and got her B.A. in Child Development before pursuing a career in dance and performance. She has performed in tv shows, commercials and toured all over the US. Her dream is to one day own and run a farm animal sanctuary.

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Keesha Hernandez

Has been a freelance dancer, choreographer, and instructor for the last 10 + years.  She is originally from Los Angeles, California. She has been trained in dance styles such as modern, ballet, jazz, bollywood and hip hop. She has performed in such venues such as Radio City Music Hall and the Nokia Theatre. She has been dancing with Arsenal Movement Dance Company for that last year. Her passion for dance has led her on a journey to spread awareness of the benefits movement has on the soul. She believes that movement is a therapeutic release and can be done by any one who is willing.

Erica Ota

Bio Coming Soon


Šara Stranovsky

Is a dancer, physical theater actor, aerialist (harness dance) and musician, who has performed on the ground and in the air with Raiz di Polon Dance Company, Fuerza Bruta Wayra (off broadway), Only Child Aerial dance Theater, Frequent Flyers Theater, Swing Brazil, Batuclada Drum Ensemble, and Catch Me Bird Dance Company. She has an MA and PhD in Performance Studies from the Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance at UCLA, and also performs as a singer/songwriter and rollerskate dancer. She particularly loves to merge contemporary dance with experimental photography, and mirrors of all shapes and sizes are her forever muse. 

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