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Rosario Rivadeneyra

Studied contemporary dance at California State University Los Angeles. In 2007 she co-founded Cornerspoon, a progressive dance company specializing in movement graffiti. From September 2009 - August 2011 she was a dancer at Teoría de Gravedad, a 19 year old contemporary dance company based in her hometown, Monterrey, Mexico. She has worked under the direction of Rachel Rosenthal, Holly Johnston, Derrick Jones, Heidi Duckler, Ruby Gámez, Aurora Buensuceso, Gavin Webber and Grayson Millwood.

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Mónica Ortiz Rossi

Brings delight, dance and health to spaces in New York City and across the world.  As an artist she performs with Sanctuario, an Afro-Latin music and dance ensemble, and with Alegba and Friends, an Afro-Caribbean musical collaboration.  She is also a public health expert working within the Department of Education helping to design healthy school environments for NYC students.


Our little company that could started as Cornerspoon.  We were all about bringing dance to the masses via guerilla style, site-specifc performances using non traditional spaces as our stage.  To reach audiences that may not have access to the theatre.  This gave us the self subscribed tagline "movement graffiti".  We didn't like conforming and we wanted to go against the grain.  We wanted to show people how dance is part of every day life.  Our greatest hit was domod set in and on a rotating box, The Phalanstry Module.  Cornerspoon now lives on as Arsenal Movement dance project.

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